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The first tenet of real estate is that every property is unique.

What is my home worth? That is the usually the first question that arises when a home owner is considering a sale of their property.

In the digital world access to information is one click away, but is the estimate provided the whole story?
Obtaining a home’s value in 3 minutes? Is that possible?

The reality is that computer generated algorithms are not capable of providing the nuances in value for your home and, at times, are completely inaccurate.

Our valuation process is very thorough. In order to provide a suggested price for your home we generate a competitive market analysis utilizing not only data like square footage and age of improvements, but the more subtle market conditions of specific location, views, aesthetic market trends, neighborhood economic factors as well as less visible but important emotional factors which may impact the value of your home.

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Pricing your home is extremely important. Understanding the competing inventory is critical when analyzing valuation during any market period. The greatest amount of showing activity for a home often occurs within the first few weeks of market time, and this early activity tends tobe from serious buyers who have been shopping for a new home for some time or those looking for a unique situation. These “seasoned” buyers have an understanding of market conditions and have toured many of the competing listings that are active in your market area. We will make recommendations for pricing which will lead to maximizing the return on the investment of your home while defending your premium price highlighting the unique features and condition of the property. Ask us about our record market sales.