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Top Agent Network

The Pre & Non-MLS information shared on Top Agent Network gives us exclusive advantages in today’s real estate environment. Top Agent Network (TAN) is a private, membership-based, online communications system that allows the top-producing real estate agents in the Chicago market to share exclusive, non-MLS information. This privileged information can be crucial to your success as a buyer or seller of a home. Member agents post and share information about private listings, motivated buyers, local resources, even the latest industry trends. As a member of TAN we provide the following powerful benefits to our seller clients:

  • Ability to test market your home and price with less hassle and without it becoming a public record.
  •  Access to pre-qualified and highly motivated buyers.
  • Access to a community of proven agents whose collective experience allows deals to happen quickly, reliably and often privately.
  • Referrals to the proven best service providers in your area.

The top 10% of real estate brokers are responsible for approximately 90% of the sales. Our services provide access to the most active agents representing 90% of the buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Ask us about our success in selling pre MLS listed homes.